If I submit my CV, when do I expect to receive a feedback?
The application submission process takes from one to three business days. The term of CV processing depends on the popularity and the level of vacancy, weekends and holidays. In case you have not received a reply after three working days of waiting, please let us know by email at job@infobus.eu.
How does the selection process of candidates look like?
The process is quite simple and transparent: if you have found a vacancy that meets your skills and ability, just send us your CV. If we understand that you are the candidate who fits our requirements, then we will contact you via telephone for a short conversation. If the phone conversation is successful, a video interview will be held. For technical or creative jobs, an additional selection criterion is successful passing of technical assignment. The final interview takes place with the participation of the head of department or company management. If it is successful, we send an offer letter with all the details of cooperation. Schematically, it looks like this: Telephone conversation – Technical assignment (for technical jobs) - Video interview - Final interview – Offer of Cooperation (Hooray!).
What should I put on for the interview?
We do not have any specific requirements for the style of clothing. It is important for it to be comfortable, neat and clean.
What I will be asked at the interview?
While the interview, we want to find out as much as possible about the candidate, his or her professional experience, skills and abilities. We want to see if the job is right for you. It is also important for us to understand that your philosophy and values are in line with your corporate culture. And of course, we are happy to answer candidate’s questions.
Does INFOBUS provide an opportunity to work remotely?
Of course! Some vacancies do not require the physical presence of an employee in the office. The vacancy description indicates whether it is a remote or local position.
Are the vacancies posted on your website relevant?
Yes, our website contains the current vacancies.
Is there a possibility of career growth in INFOBUS?
Of course, our company supports the desire of employees to grow and develop, and contributes to it.
Will I get a discount on tickets when I work for the ticket sales company?
Yes, our employees are actively traveling because INFOBUS provides discounts on tickets for its employees.
Do you have your own bus fleet?
No, INFOBUS is the international IT company, specialized in development and introduction of innovative and multipurpose software for all participants in the passenger transportation market.
What documents do I need to work in INFOBUS?
To work in INFOBUS, make sure that you have all the necessary documents on the basis of which you have an open access to the labor market in your chosen country.
I am interested in more than one position in INFOBUS. Can I apply for several vacancies?
Yes, you can send your CV to several vacancies if your profile meets the requirements of each of them.


Do you want to work at INFOBUS but you can't find appropriate job position?
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