Our mission and strategy

Our mission

Our success is in the development and implementation of innovative modern and effective solutions. Creativity, efficiency and technology is the basis for company development. By implementing totally new models of relationships between all the passenger transport participants on a system basis, we take part in improvement and development of technologies in the whole transport system.

Our mission is to be the best in what we do and to ensure the highest possible quality standard in our branch.

Our values

Innovation is the creation of the new and the development of the existent solutions, which is integral part of path to success. Implementation of the new allows us to be more effective and widens the horizons for development.

Honesty, openness, trust are the basis of our cooperation with all the partners and clients. Compliance with the written and oral covenants, business ethics, as well as abidance to the moral and ethic norms allow us to cooperate with hundreds of partners and thousands of clients. We do not only generate and implement ideas, but we are also opened to the new tendencies, wishes and offers of our partners, clients and staff. Openness gives us even more ideas for realization and development. Trust allows us to speak with our partners and clients in the same language – to understand each other and make decisions fast and effectively.

Team and Professionalism. We highly evaluate each our employee, his involvement in the process and participation on the global goal. Unity of people into one team on the basis of corporate ethics and rules, decency, solidarity and mutual aid gives company the ground of stability and development.

Loyalty is an integral part of our work. We maximally encourage devotion of every single employee and partner to the common project. Loyalty allows us to take the most important tasks with certainity in success.

Strategic goals

Development of functionality and effectivity of the BusSystem software complex. Implementation and development of the system for the countries and continent uses.

Unification of hauliers, vendor systems and carriers systems from the entire world for the customer to plan his route „door-to-door“, obtain the necessary information, make an independed choice by comparison of all the existing options, purchase the tickets and receive a suport during the whole trip.

Creation and development of the franchise network on international level, terminal self-service system and many other systems of tickets purchase. User’s comfort is the main part of the company policy.

Development of entertaing field of activity – creation of entertainment park INFOBUSLAND, built with the usage of the lates technology achievements.