Corporate responsibility

Social responsibility

The company shares the society values, we understand its problems and take part in its solution. The company is willing to create its business in order to ensure stable financial results and be useful for people. The company has appropriate labour conditions, develops the professional potential, tries to improve the life standard of all the implicated persons.

During a long time of experience with passenger transport our company always put the passenger safety on the first place, and always performed all the due efforts for the passenger service and security were at the highest level.

One of the most important is the environmental protection matter. In the framework of our own environmental protection project we implement the technology of electrionic, SMS and QR tickets without any need of paper print.

We take part in global european development Door-to-Door. The European union in its intent to standardize the transport system has created the global registry for provision of information and analysis on routes by joining all the passenger transport participants into one base. Our company is the active advisor in the development of this project, where it provides all the necessary information and shares its personal experience in the area of transport businesss. Altogether with our partners we try to show the world, how the transport system can be structurized.